Trying to make lemonade with my lemons 💃✌️

Someone knows just how to make it up to me. One surprise idea after another. Thanks for an amazing dinner last night sweetheart ❤️ @mgworld

Baked chicken thighs, sweet plantains, mixed vegetables.
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Lunch before I max out on my squat tonight.

3 slices Uncured free bacon, chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese, guacamole (1 whole avocado)

Add a banana and a fruit salad right before I get under that bar and I’m set to go! I got this! #squat #belowparallel #backsquat #powerlifting #crossfit #whatsforlunch #paleo

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We feasted! Pardon how DARK it was at brunch! Imagine being in a reggae club, but with tables and delicious food - you just had to be there. Walking outside into the sunlight was a shock to the eyes. @bajerianqueen had Banana Fosters French Toast with mixed berries and banana with a side of sausage.

I had jerk chicken with cucumber salad (not normal; out of this freakin world cucumber salad) with a side of jerk corn on the cob. We shared some festivals and called it a brunch ✌️👌

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This lovely lady and I at brunch today at Miss Lily’s. Food was fantastic! @bajerianqueen #sundaybrunch #misslilys

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This yummy recipe is up on @cookhousesnitch ! It’s also on our Facebook page (link in bio @cookhousesnitch Instagram profile) Go visit and enjoy! Stuffed chicken breast with feta cheese!

New recipes are up!

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Love deserts? @cookhousesnitch has taken quite a while to launch, due to some health difficulties I’ve had. But, thank you all for your patience and understanding. Plans will follow accordingly with two recipes up TONIGHT! Yes, tonight! The first will be my coconut curry recipe, followed by this delicious desert recipe made by the one and only @mgworld. It tastes as good as it looks! Please go follow @cookhousesnitch to stay updated! Also, I’ll be here @ladyofmotion with my usual posts as well!

Food prep! Cookhouse Snitch will make it’s Instagram launch on Thursday, February 27th! Blog launch in May! Brand new recipes, popular old recipe requests, some of my most popular dishes will be featured! Giveaway for first 100 followers! Follow @cookhousesnitch where new additions will me made daily starting tomorrow. I’m excited and you should be too! Thank you so much for your patience. The past two weeks have been challenging, healthwise and I’m so happy to have you all in my corner. Enjoy your Monday! #paleo #foodblog #food #cookhousesnitch #bloglaunch #instafood #instagood #foodstagram #food #mealprep #musclefood #eatclean #eatlean

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